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Tax disputes in Russia

Tax disputes in Russia

One of the key areas of activity of Center of Accounting and Tax Law "Consultant" is protecting the interests of companies and sole proprietors in disputes with the Federal Tax Service of Russia (FTS of Russia).

If you disagree with the amounts of tax, penalties and late fees accrued on you by the FTS of Russia, our specialists will help you verify these amounts.


Center "Consultant" has been running tax disputes in Russia since the moment of its incorporation in 2000, and has won 98% of cases related to taxation.
Of course, we analyze the chances of winning the case before we take it on, and we never undertake an unlikely to win case, from our point of view. Nevertheless, if we tackle a tax dispute, we will nearly always win.

In tax disputes we offer two different types of services:

1) Justifiability analysis of:

  • tax Certificates, Resolutions, Requirements issued to a company, and search of mistakes and contradictions to tax law of Russia in them;
  • court judgments on tax disputes passed in favor of the opponent, with the objective of potential reversal of these judgments in superior courts.

2) Support of tax disputes in tax inspectorates and arbitration courts.

This includes - compilation, prompt submission and defense of objections, actions, statements of claim and other necessary documents. This may also include potential (subject to separate discussion) participation of our specialists in court sessions.

Rate for Analysis of tax certificates and court judgments: 30 000 RUB.
Time required - 4 business days.
Orders to urgent Analysis with preparation time of 2 business days are accepted depending on the current workload of our specialists. Urgent order surcharge - 100%.
Rates and preparation time may increase if the document for analysis is in excess of 100 pages.


Naturally, the Analysis will be compiled in a language of your choice.

The method of interaction with our specialists in other languages except Russian is described at Contacts page.

Please write to us to discuss the timing of the Analysis and method of payment, effect your payment and send us a copy of documents issued by tax inspectorate or a court judgment you disagree with.
When we receive your documents, our specialists will conduct the Analysis and reply to you whether it appears likely, from our point of view, to win this tax dispute.

If our specialists see such opportunity, they will point out the following in the analysis:

  • what is the extent - full or partial - of the case we believe it is feasible to fight for;
  • what are the approximate chances of winning the disputable parts of the case (it is an expert evaluation, no other method of stating these chances is possible);
  • on what grounds (without a detailed description) we see the opportunity to win the case - what articles of laws, existing judicial practice etc;

Understandably, once you receive our Analysis you may choose to act further independently, using only your own lawyers and accountants.

However, if after you receive the Analysis, you should choose that you want our specialists to follow your tax dispute, we will proceed with further cooperation and enter into a Contract of support.

The price of a tax dispute support amounts from 3 to 10 percent of the disputed amount, however not less than 30 000 RUB. The reward scale is in reverse proportion to the disputed amount - the larger the amount, the lower the percent of our reward.
From 10% reward for a disputed amount of 1 000 000 RUB to 3% for an amount of 30 000 000 RUB or more.

The contract of tax dispute support includes the following:

  • disputes in the superior tax inspectorate, i.e. filing a complaint on actions of your territorial tax inspectorate to a superior tax inspectorate of the respective region of Russia;
  • compilation of statements of claim, recalls, other necessary documents into arbitration courts of three instances - court of original jurisdiction, court of appeals and court of cassation, also including, when required, with participation of our specialists in court sessions.