To start communicating, please send us an e-mail in a language of your choice (out of the languages used in this website) to the following address:

Russian-speaking users are welcome to use both this e-mail, as well as other contacts provided for communication. Please also be welcome to our website in the Russian segment of the Internet –

Since this is a multilingual resource, please follow these simple instructions in order to receive a prompt reply.


Please use the Subject field of your e-mail to state the English name of the language you are using to write the e-mail, and the one you would like your reply to be given in.


Our professional staff members (accountants, lawyers and tax attorneys) do not speak the multitude of foreign languages used in the website. Nevertheless, they are ready to communicate and work through translation.
This has its pros and cons - on the one hand, it is more difficult for us to communicate. On the other hand, however, the considerable benefit is that as we protect your interests in Russia by communicating with tax authorities or maintaining your accounts in Russia, we are using the same language as the officers of the Federal Tax Service of Russia, the language that is required by laws of this country to be used in accounting and tax statements.

Since we work only in Russian, after we receive your e-mail, we will have it translated by professional translators and will reply to you in a language of your choice, also in the form of an e-mail.

Our further cooperation will occur in a similar way, through translation. The translation rates are not included into our prices, and must be paid separately, in addition to rates of our services.  We will undertake the expenses of translating your first e-mail and our first reply to your first e-mail at our cost.
The price of translation is - 1 200 RUB for 1800 characters of text.

  • If you are able to communicate with us verbally or in writing in Russian (also through your personal translator), we will be happy to accept your calls at the provided phone numbers, or communicate with you directly in personal meetings. Also, if you are able to communicate in Russian verbally or in writing, please make use of the below ICQ and Skype details.

Please see the contacts of our main divisions in Russia:
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+7 (495) 662-59-27 +7 (3952) 505-145
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