About us

Center of Accounting and Tax Law "Consultant" was incorporated in Russia in 2000 by a group of Russian specialists in accounting and tax law.
Website of "Consultant" Center in the Russian part of the Internet – www.nalog2000.ru

Main divisions of the Center are located in the cities of Moscow and Irkutsk.

Key areas of the Center's activity in Russia:

  • accounts maintenance and tax calculation services for Russian enterprises (outsourcing);
  • enterprise incorporation services (state registration of enterprises in Russia is the authority of Federal Tax Service - FTS of Russia);
  • pre-trial and in-court disputes with FTS of Russia to protect legal interests of enterprises and sole proprietors.

Over 500 Russian enterprises and sole proprietors currently receiving accounts maintenance services (outsourced).
Over more than 13 years of operation we helped to incorporate and register over 8000 companies.
The level of our tax attorneys’ proficiency is described by the cases won ratio of 98%. Of course, we analyze the chances of winning the case before we take it on, and we never undertake an unlikely to win case. Nevertheless, if we tackle a tax dispute, we will nearly always win.


One of our key areas of activity is rendering services to businessmen from foreign countries (services offered in languages at convenience of our customers), who set out to run a business in Russia, and therefore have created, or are about to create Russian companies for that purpose.

The range of services include:

  • provision of information in the form of Russian tax laws overviews in various languages;
  • consulting in specific issues of tax law or tax disputes;
  • complete or partial maintenance of accounts and taxes calculation;
  • accounting control over the Russian enterprise for the benefit of the foreign proprietor to reveal any theft or embezzlement, and also to ensure compliance with tax law and accounting norms of Russia on behalf of the companies staff;
  • other services falling within our profile of expertise, which may be offered subject to a separate agreement.

In Moscow, we also offer IT-outsourcing, website of our IT-division: www.mibis.ru

Company Management

Vladimir Sosunov
Vladimir Sosunov
Head of the Center’s Moscow division
Vadim Kulikov
Vadim Kulikov
Head of the Center’s Irkutsk division