Calculators of accounting services price

Please check for a more detailed description of all types of accounting services provided at page Accounting services in Russia.

If you would like to outsource fully or partially maintenance of accounts and statements of your Russian organization to us - a professional accounting firm operating in Russia immediately and knowing tax laws of this country (the so-called accounting and tax outsourcing), then you can get a rough price estimate yourself by using the calculators below.

This service is mainly designed for companies with moderate flow of accounting documents, approximately 150-200 per month, or for larger companies, where an area of accounting of approximately this size may be outsource into our firm.

Center of Accounting and Tax Law "Consultant" offers the following rates for complete maintenance of accounts and taxes calculation (accounting and tax outsourcing):

Calculator of accounting services price in the city of Moscow and all other regions of Russia Services calculator - for Moscow and other regions of Russia
(except the city of Irkutsk and Irkutsk region)
Calculator of accounting services price in the city of Irkutsk and Irkutsk region (Russia) Services calculator - for Irkutsk and Irkutsk region

To confirm the approximate price calculated by this page, please send us an e-mail.

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In case when you use the calculators, some of the taxation terms or notions remain unclear - you may get a general understanding of taxation system of Russia through our articles and overviews on Russian taxes, which present the taxation system exactly up to date as you are reading.

We ensure that all our articles and tax overviews remain up to date with the current law of Russia, which is especially critical, since the tax laws in Russia are changed and supplemented frequently.