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All Russian taxes – on-line

All Russian taxes – on-line


Entrance to the General section

The purpose of the section is to provide a general understanding of taxation system in Russia, starting with zero level of competence in the issue.

All materials are can be accessed free of charge.

Articles and overviews on taxes, duties, special taxation regimes of Russia.
The original texts of the Tax Code and other laws of Russia related to taxes and duties (in Russian) are provided for reference.

All summaries, articles and overviews are updated as the tax legislation of Russia changes.


Entrance to the Special section

Extended and detailed materials on taxes, duties, insurance premiums and special taxation regimes of Russia.

The section and its list of contents are available after registration. Full texts are available upon receipt of payment.

It may be difficult to figure out the taxation system of any country.
Even more so, when you are not fluent in the country's language, in which all the laws are written.

Our articles and overviews have been designed to help understand the taxation system of Russia to both businessmen already running a business in Russia, and also those intending to start a business in this country.

This knowledge of the Russian taxes put into a convenient and systematic form may not only be useful for foreign business circles, but also for Russian businessmen.

We ensure that all our articles and tax overviews remain up to date with the current law of Russia, which is especially critical, since the tax laws in Russia are changed and supplemented frequently.

Any material published on the site quotes its last revision date and languages, in which it is available.
New materials are being authored continuously and new translations of existing materials into different languages are being published.