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Center of Accounting and Tax Law "Consultant" offers individual consultations:

  • in a language of your choice (out of the range of language used in this website)
  • with flexible level of details contained in our explanations, which depends on the following:
  • depth of your expertise in matters of tax laws and accounting in Russia;
  • level of your competence in general matters of accounting and taxation.

The method of interaction with our specialists in other languages except Russian is described at Contacts page.

We offer individual consultations and explanations in the following range of issues:

  • specific issues of tax laws of Russia;
  • specific issues of accounting in Russia;
  • issues related to taxation and accounting in Russia within specific economic situations.

Normally this type of issues may arise when you have a general understanding of the taxation system of Russia, but currently facing a particular uncertain or controversial situation related to taxation or accounting.

If this is the kind of specific question on taxation or accounting in a specific economic situation that you find hard to resolve once and for all due to a range of reasons: - language barrier; - the need to have profound professional skills in a specific narrow area of tax laws or accounting; then we will help you understand the issues and questions your are looking at within the framework of an individual consultation.

A special area of this service is consultations to help you choose a system of taxation when opening a company in Russia. This is also a kind of consultations that we offer, and this type of advice is described in more detail in Registering an enterprise in Russia.

The price of individual consultation depends on the complexity of the matter you are interested in, and the level of details in our explanations, starting at 15 000 RUB per one consultation.
We will require three to fourteen business days to prepare the answer to your query.

Orders for urgent individual consultations with lead time from 24 hours to 2 days - may be accepted depending on the current workload on our specialists.
Urgency fee is collected in the amount of - 100% of the consultation price.

Beyond any doubt, we can provide an individual consultation not only in specific matters, but also in relation to very broad topics, e.g. answering the question "What kind of taxes are there in Russia?"

However, a faster, cheaper and more systemic and immediately available way to grasp the general understanding of Russia's taxation system is to make use of our articles and overviews on Russian taxes, which present the taxation system exactly up to date as you are reading.

We ensure that all our articles and tax overviews remain up to date with the current law of Russia, which is especially critical, since the tax laws in Russia are changed and supplemented frequently.