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Center "Consultant" has a vast experience of helping businessmen to:

  • establish new enterprises in Russia;
  • introduce amendments into state registers of data in relation to already existing Russian enterprises.
Since the Center was incorporated in 2000, we helped to incorporate and perform state registration of over 8 000 enterprises and sole proprietors, and over 5 000 amendments were filed into state registers.

Please find more details on registration in Russia in the Russian language at our website in the Russian domain of the Internet:
Also you may file an application for registration in the Russian language.

In Russia, state registration of commercial enterprises and registration of amendments in their statutory documents is the authority of the Federal Tax Service of Russia (FTS of Russia).
Similar procedures of state registration also exist for real persons acquiring the status of a sole proprietor (hereafter - SP). This registration is also the authority of the FTS of Russia.

Being registered as an SP, in a similar fashion to a body corporate, you may undertake entrepreneurial activity in the territory of Russia. This is associated with nearly identical opportunities as in case of a commercial enterprise, however, the liability is stronger.

For the purpose of non-profit activity, one may create a non-profit organization in Russia. This registration occurs through the Ministry of Justice of Russia, with the input of the FTS of Russia.

The procedures of state registration of companies and SP in Russia are associated with numerous instructions and minor details that need to be taken into consideration.
When creating a business in Russia, very few businessmen will set out to master the legal subtleties of similar procedures themselves, and being professional in this area, we offer a complete range of services starting with drafts of statutory documents and filling of required forms, to selection of tax payment system when incorporating a company, or registering a sole proprietor.


In a number of cases, the system of tax payment in Russia must be selected at the time of the company's state registration.

Our consultations related to the system of tax payment at the stage of company incorporation or registration of a sole proprietor are designed so as to assist you in the following:

  • understanding the options you have;
  • selecting the most appropriate and permissible system of tax payment in your case;
  • drafting the necessary documents to obtain the right of using this system of tax payment since the date of state registration.

These consultations on selection of the tax payment system are a separate service priced at 10 000 RUB.
This service may be offered, on your call, either independently, or alongside with the service of registering an enterprise, or a sole proprietor.

If you have a clear assurance what particular applicable system of taxation you require, there is no need in ordering this service for you.

Also, you are welcome to work out the taxes and systems of taxation of Russia independently by consulting our articles and overviews on Russian taxes.
We ensure that all our articles and tax overviews remain up to date with the current law of Russia, which is especially critical, since the tax laws in Russia are changed and supplemented frequently.

Once you have decided on the system of tax payment, you may commence the procedure of state registration itself.

The services of registration support are only provided in the actual locations of the Center's divisions - in the cities of Moscow and Irkutsk.

Service Rate*:
Registration in Russia support: In Moscow In Irkutsk
a commercial enterprise Starting at 9 000 RUB 4 000 RUB
sole proprietor Starting at 4 500 RUB 1 500 RUB
a non-profit organization Starting at 17 500 RUB Starting at 6 000 RUB

* rates include state duty.

Registration period

  • including drafting documents for registration of a commercial enterprise or a sole proprietor:
    7-10 business days.
  • For a non-profit organization:
    1,5-2 months, which is due to time-consuming procedure of preliminary approval by the Ministry of Justice.

These periods do not include the time, which may be required for translation of mutual correspondence and answering the questions, which are not directly related to the procedure of registration and documents compilation.

The method of interaction with our specialists in other languages except Russian is described at Contacts page.