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Accounting services in Russia

Accounting services in Russia

The main area of activity of the Center of Accounting and Tax Law "Consultant" established in 2000 is maintenance of accounts and tax calculations for customer organizations in the territory of Russia, and associated services.

We are running accounts and calculating taxes for over 500 enterprises located in various regions of Russia on permanent basis.

Website of "Consultant" Center in the Russian part of the Internet –

If you are planning to start a business in Russia, or already running one, and:


Accounting services

You would like to outsource fully or partially maintenance of accounts and statements of your Russian organization to us , - a professional accounting firm operating in Russia immediately and knowing tax laws of this country.

This service is mainly designed for companies with moderate flow of accounting documents, approximately 150-200 per month, or for larger companies, where an area of accounting of approximately this size may be outsourced into our firm.

Our Calculator will help you to be a rough idea of the price of accounting services.

You are looking for a method to prevent abusive practices or direct theft:

  • being able to track the financial indicators of your Russian company;
  • control the growth of debt among suppliers and buyers;
  • control flow of cash and cashless funds;
  • would like to have accounting control over operations, which is independent from your Russian staff, established and custom-designed by yourself.

We will assist you in setting up this type of control on permanent basis, and supply you with reports in convenient form and in a language of your choice.


If your company in Russia has knowingly had poor or none of accounts maintenance or tax calculations,

we will help you restore the accounts and tax records over respective periods.


If you are facing the necessity to audit your Russian accountants

so as to be able to evaluate their level of accuracy in accounting and quality of tax calculation, we will be ready to offer you both single-occasion or scheduled audit of accounts maintenance and tax calculations within your Russian company.

Also, we are always open to discussion of other mutually acceptable forms and types of our professional services, which may be useful for you business.

Within Russia we have large divisions in the cities of Moscow and Irkutsk.

Nevertheless, we are capable of interfacing with tax inspectorates, pension funds, funds of medical and social security over the entire territory of Russia. This is possible thanks to electronic delivery and acceptance of tax statements, accounting statements, as well as statements on premiums payable to security funds.

Method of interaction with our specialists in other languages except Russian is described at Contacts page.