All prices at this website are stated in Russian rubles.
Designation of currencies at the website follows the international standard ISO 4217, which determines the currency codes, namely:
RUB - Russian ruble.

The method of interaction with our specialists in other languages except Russian is described at Contacts page.


The translation rates are not included into our prices, and must be paid separately, in addition to rates of our services.  We will undertake the expenses of translating your first e-mail and our first reply to your first e-mail at our cost, while the cost of further translation will be referred to your account.
The price of translation is - 1 200 RUB for 1800 characters of text.


Accounting services

Please see a more detailed description at page - Accounting services in Russia

You may get a rough idea of permanent service price independently by using our Calculators of accounting services.

The price of accounting control over a Russian enterprise:

  • starting at 15 000 RUB per month.

The final price will be stated after we become familiar with the enterprise details and parameters you wish to control. Please see a more detailed description of this service in item 2 of page Accounting services in Russia.

The price of such accounting services as restoration and audit of accounting records and tax calculations (please see a more detailed description of these services in items 3 and 4 of page Accounting services in Russia) is determined on individual basis, since the rate will be highly dependent on the current situation in the Russian enterprise in question.

  • Nevertheless, the minimum price of these services is 10 000 RUB, which cannot be reduced.


More details - Consultations

Minimum price – 15 000 RUB per one consultation. The exact price will depend on the complexity of the consultation matter and the level of required detail.

We will require 3 to 14 business days to prepare the answer to your query.

The urgency surcharge on consultation price, which shortens the preparation time to 2 days, is 100% of the original consultation price.


Tax disputes:

More details - Tax disputes in Russia

Analysis of resolutions issued by Federal Tax Service of Russia (FTS of Russia), court judgments and other disputed documents of tax disputes:

  • 30 000 RUB given the document size of up to 100 pages and analysis period of 4 business days.
  • The urgency surcharge on Analysis price, which shortens the preparation time to 2 days, is 100% of the original Analysis price.

Tax disputes support:

  • from 3% to 10% of the disputed amount, however not less than 30 000 RUB.

The reward scale is in reverse proportion to the disputed amount - the larger the amount, the lower the percent of our reward. From 10% reward for a disputed amount of 1 000 000 RUB to 3% for an amount of 30 000 000 RUB or more.


Enterprise registration:

More details - Enterprise registration in Russia

Consultation on selection of the system of tax payment during registration of an enterprise, or registration of a real person as sole proprietor – 10 000 RUB.

Service Rate*:
Registration in Russia support: In Moscow In Irkutsk
a commercial enterprise Starting at 9 000 RUB 4 000 RUB
sole proprietor Starting at 4 500 RUB 1 500 RUB
a non-profit organization Starting at 17 500 RUB Starting at 6 000 RUB

* rates include state duty.

The services of registration support are only provided in the actual locations of the Center's divisions - in the cities of Moscow and Irkutsk.